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On Your Departure

I am leaving, what am I supposed to do?

You will have to make an appointment with us so that we can organise your Exit Inspection during working hours.

This should be done with you present, but we understand that sometimes you may have an early or late flight. In this case, we ask that when you vacate your property, you leave your keys in a labelled envelope in our mailbox located 10 passage Ronsin - Fontainebleau, and we will do the Exit Inspection without you at our earliest convenience. You will then be sent a copy of the inspection for your signature and any comments.

Please note that your exit inspection must be signed for your file closure and deposit refund.

Can I vacate at anytime?


On the last day of your contract, you will be asked to leave the property by 10am.

Once the Exit inspection has been done, can I stay in the property?


No. Once the exit inspection has been completed and you sign the document, you will have to vacate the property and hand over the keys.

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