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  • I am looking for a large shared accommodation in Fontainebleau, could you let me know if there is availability, if possible with prices?
    All our properties are listed on our website at where you will find all types of accommodations from rooms in shared houses, to large 3 and 4 bedroom houses for a family or sharing. All prices are listed. Contact us to let us know which you are interested in and we can let you know of availability.
  • Can I rent a room in a house if I do not know any other students going to INSEAD? How does that work exactly?
    No, our agency doesn't rent room by room and the group has to be made prior to the reservation.
  • What type of accommodations do you offer?
    We have over 120 properties to rent which are fully furnished. These range from the studio flat to large accommodations up to five bedrooms.
  • How do I reserve a property? What do I need to send you to reserve a property?
    To reserve a property, we need you to email us a copy of your Insead Attestation, a copy of an up to date passport (and Visa if applicable). We will send you the total amount of your Reservation Fee that you can pay by Bank Transfer or by Credit Card. This will secure your accommodation. Then, we will send you a copy of your Leasing Contract and Diagnostic documents which need to be initialled on each page and signed with the words “Read and Approved”. We will also ask you to sign the last page of the Welcome Guide, which constitutes part of your Rental Agreement. These documents then have to be scanned and sent back to our offices.
  • How much is the reservation fee?
    The reservation fee is one month’s rent and charges, together with the Agency Fees, Security Deposit (of 2 months rent), cleaning and linen package.
  • How much is the rental of an apartment or a house?
    Rent for each property is different, depending on location, size and level of amenities.
  • How long do I book?
    Please note on reservation we ask that you commit to a period (eg August to December/ January to July etc, as you like for a minimum of 4 months, except for the period of May/June).
  • If I do not like my lodgement when I arrive, what happens?
    As when you arrive you will have already signed your contract, if you really do not like your accommodation, you are obliged to sign a Notice to Quit and to pay until the end date of this document (three months).
  • Can I sublet my lodgement?
    With the consent of your landlord only.
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