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What cooking appliances and house items will be at my lodgement?

As our accommodations vary in size, it is impossible for the smaller ones to be completely equipped with all ‘Mod Cons’. For the small studio apartments, there is a minimum of 2 electric rings and a microwave/combi oven. In some properties, there is a real cooker, with up to 5 electric or gas rings. All lodgements have microwave ovens.


All lodgements also come with an equipped kitchen, with utensils, crockery, cutlery and glassware. There will also be a vacuum, iron, ironing board, washing machine and fridge. Most have at least a freezer box, a coffee machine, electric kettle and toaster. Some of the larger accommodations may also have a dryer and dish washer. However, none of our lodgements have air conditioning.


The descriptions of each accommodation are on our website

Can we ask for extra furniture in the accommodation?


Most owners are very open to suggestions to additions to their accommodation. However, if you want to add furniture and fittings yourself, always check with us beforehand or take these items with you when you leave.

Can we leave objects in the lodgement on departure?

If any extra large items are left without prior arrangement with us and the owner, you are liable to be charged for their removal. 

Any rubbish or smaller items will be removed and the cost for this will be deducted from your Security Deposit.

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