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Furnished 2 bedroom apartment of 62.51m² on first floor of a traditional building, situated 10 minutes walk to INSEAD and close to the city centre.


The provisions for charges includes electricity, gas, internet, water, building charges, annual boiler maintenance and trash tax.


Please note that provision refers to an estimated sum of money that is charged monthly to you, however at the end of your stay this amount would be compared to your actual usage. Should there be higher consumption you will be billed accordingly or should there be lower consumption, you will be reimbursed of the difference.


The apartment comes with vacuum cleaner, cleaning equipment, drying rack, iron, and ironing board.


The monthly rent is 1 170€ with monthly charges of 260€. The security deposit is 2 340€ (twice the rent). Agency fees are 687.61€ ( one-time fee).


In order to book this accommodation, a first payment of 4 457.61€ will be required (one month’s rent and charges, security deposit, agency fees).

*Exit cleaning to be charged







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