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Beautiful 2 bedroom apartment, located on the ground floor in traditional building and setting. Renovated and outfitted with a touch of modern furnishings accents with beautiful high ceilings.


It carries 1 bath and a cozy dining room looking into private garden/terrace. 16 minute walk to INSEAD's campus and close to centre and all commodities. 

The apartment comes with vacuum cleaner, cleaning equipment, drying rack, iron, and ironing board.

The charges include a provision for water, electricity, heating, internet, maintenance of common areas and rubbish collecting tax.

Please note that provision refers to an estimated sum of money that is charged monthly to you, however at the end of your stay this amount would be compared to your actual usage. Should there be higher consumption you will be billed accordingly or should there be lower consumption, you will be reimbursed of the difference.

*Exit cleaning is mandatory.

The exit dry cleaning is optional and cost 50 € per bedroom. This price is the cost to have it dry cleaned by a professional on your departure.

The package is made of 2 sets of bed linen, bath towels and kitchen towels. You may decide not to opt for this package and bring your own. More info on the FAQ.


**Price with the dry-cleaning package, which can be removed, if you do not want it.



  • Monthly rent:

  • Estimated charges:

  • Security deposit:

  • Agency fees:

  • Exit cleaning: *

  • Exit dry cleaning: *

Total due to book this accommodation: **





1 330€


2 660€ (twice the rent)




5 772.25











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