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What is the cleaning package ?

It is for the cleaning of your property after your departure, from the "top to the bottom"  (surfaces, floor, fridge, bath or shower, toilets, windows, etc...) and dry cleaning of duvet, pillows and mattress protection.

You are however pleased to remove your own belongings and trashes, which is not included in the package. In that case, you will be charged on your deposit.

What is the dry cleaning package ?

The dry cleaning package is optionnal. 
One package is made of 2 sets of bed linen, bath towels and kitchen towels. The cost is to have one set dry cleaned by a professional on your departure.

It doesn't include the dry cleaning of the second set and extra towels, which will have to be cleaned and ironed by yourself before your departure. Otherwise, the cost of the dry cleaning and ironing will be charged on your deposit.

If you decide not to opt for this package, linens, towels, etc... will be removed from the property and you will have to bring your own.

I am not clear on my exact obligations regarding cleaning the lodgement, can you please clarify on that ?

You will be responsible to leave the property in the condition where there is no personnal belongings. The cleaning will be taken care of by a cleaning company, this charge is billed to you on reservation.

Does the accommodation include weekly cleaning service and change of bed and bathroom linen?


In most of our housing units, weekly cleaning is not included.

Could you arrange a cleaner once per week for a couple of hours please?

We can arrange for a cleaner depending of your time table and your needs.

Is the exit deep cleaning mandatory? How much does it cost?

The deep cleaning is mandatory as the apartment has to be in good condition and clean before the next tenant arrives. As the majority of our tenants are from Insead, we do tend to have a high turnover and we insist that there is a deep clean in between each tenant.

Again, it really depends on how the lodgement is left on the cost.

Can I take a non-professional cleaning lady to do the housework during my stay?

You are free to employ your own cleaner during your rental, but it is officially illegal in France to employ someone without paying their tax etc.

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