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Security Deposit

I am interested in a lodgement you propose. Can you please advise on the deposit, along with any agent fees?

You will find all the information you need on our website The fees are payable when you reserve your accommodation.

How much is the Security Deposit? When will it be returned and what will be deducted?


Your Security Deposit is 2 months rent, not including charges. This is a one off pay payment made when you reserve your accommodation.


The deposit will bill return two month maximum after departure.

When you leave, we ask you to let us have the bank details, a forwarding address and exit inspection signed. Failure to do so will result in a delay in its return. Note completed files are dealt with first.


Normally, only extra cleaning and laundry will be charged for. However, if at the Exit Inspection it is found that items are missing, damaged or beyond repair, a charge will be taken for their replacement. Any outstanding payments will also be deducted before it is returned, including any extra charge such as Electricity, Gas or Water usage.

How much of the deposit are we getting back and how does it relate to the inspection?


Your security deposit is there to cover any expenses we deem necessary after you have left, and to cover any unpaid expenses. It is impossible to say how much of the deposit will be returned as it depends on the state of your accommodation when you leave.

Is it possible to use my Security Deposit to pay my last rent?


According the French Law and your leasing contract, this is not legal. You must pay your rent until the end.

Which information do you need to return my deposit ?

We must need the following informations:

  • Your forwarding address, for administrative purposes only (it mus be a home address);

  • Your exit inspection must be signed;

  • And your bank details, which must includes:

    • The name of the bank​

    • The address of the bank

    • The holder's name

    • The holder's address, attached to this account

    • The account number

    • The IBAN or BBAN

    • The Swift - BIC Code

This account can be anywhere in the world, except, as of to date, in the following countries : CUBA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, SUDAN, SYRIA, CRIMEA/SEVASTOPOL, RUSSIA. And no transfer can be done through intermediary bank.

Only official bank document will be accepted. Failing this, an extra fee will be applied (as of to date, 7,70 € for SEPA Zone, 13,10 € for international transfer).

Failure to do so will result in a delay in its return. Not completed files are dealt with first.

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