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Regarding the Internet Connection, is there a way to have it installed before I arrive to France? Or it is mandatory to have a French bank account and be present in person?

Most of our accommodations have Internet included in the monthly charges. If it is not, a French Bank Account is obligatory before you can open an account with an internet carrier. These can only be opened when you are in France.

So, unfortunately, Internet cannot be set up before you arrive as both the banks and the Internet providers need to see you sign the papers in person.

For a small charge of 36€, we can help you open your Internet account with Orange (France Telecom) but you will have to close the account yourself and return the box to their shop in Fontainebleau before you leave.

I assume Internet and water/gas/electricity usage is unlimited, is that correct?

Water/gas/electricity is part of the estimated charges. Meters will be read before you arrive and after you have left and will be regulated according to the landlord’s bills.

Internet can also be regulated upon invoices.

I have a problem with my internet connection. Who should I contact?


If you have taken out your own contract with Orange for Internet access, call them direct on 0800 10 14 94 or on their English Speaking line on 09 69 36 39 00.

If your Internet connection is paid for in your Charges, call our office and we will try and assist you.

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