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During your stay

For the monthly charges after my first month and all succeeding months, can I be given a billing statement so that I can immediately process payment?

A statement of your rent and charges will be sent to you at the end of each month.

When do I receive my receipt?


You will receive your receipt at the end of each month, at the same time of your next notice to pay.

Do you send an email once the rent payment is received ?


No, you will receive a receipt at the end of the month by email, at the same time of your next notice to pay.

How can I pay my rent?


You can either pay your rent by:

  • Wire transfer, our bank details will be attached to your notice to pay

  • By card at the agency or by phone

  • By cash

The month is over and I still didn’t received my receipt & notice to pay.


It can sometimes happen that our email goes to the SPAM. Please check this folder before calling us.

Can I organize a party in my accommodation?

You are pleased to respect your neighborhood.

All noises or night uproars will expose the tenants to pursuits in accordance with the French penal Code, which can expose you to a fine and possible legal pursuit if the fine is not paid right away or in time.


Tenants listed on the leasing contract will be held responsible of any degradation.


And if we receive any complain, according to our partnership with INSEAD, Fontainebleau City Hall and Fontainebleau’s Police, they will be informed.

I locked myself out. Can I call the locksmith named in the list found in my letterbox?

These lists are a scam. We advise you to refer to the list we recommend in our Welcome Guide, also available on our website in the FAQ

Your house insurance emergency’s number, available 24/7, can also advise you a trustable locksmith.


For any other emergencies, please refer to our Welcome Guide (also available here) or your house insurance emergency number.

Can I extend my contract?

If you plan to stay longer or extend your contract and your accommodation has not been re-book at that time, you can stay. However, note an Agency Fee will apply. The amount will depend of the length of the extension:

  • More than 6 month: 50% of your initial agency fees

  • Less than 6 month: 25% of your initial agency fees

If it is already booked you need to change accommodation and incur another cost for a new rental. You will be in contracted for the period you selected.

Am I prioritised?

Will you let me know when a booking is being taken?
No, due to the high number of properties in our portfolio and the fact unit are commonly booked prior to your arrival, this will not be possible.

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