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What exactly is my leasing contract?

This is an official legal French document, translated into English which sets out all the conditions of your stay:

  • How much rent and charges you are expected to pay

  • What other charges you are liable for

  • Description of the property and its contents

  • Conditions of the return of your deposit

  • Obligations as a tenant and owner obligations

  • What you are responsible for and when and responsibilities of the owner

What are the diagnosis, what do they say?


There are up to 4 types of diagnostics that you may be asked to sign, depending on the age of your building:

  • ERNT (Diagnostic de l’Etat des Risques Naturels, Miniers et Technologiques) : Diagnostics of the State of Natural, Mining and Industrial Risks in the area

  • DPE (Diagnostic de Performance Energétique) : Energy Performance Diagnostic

  • CREP (Constat de Risque d’Exposition au Plomb, si le logement a été construit avant 1949) : Presence of Lead in the Building for building constructed before 1949

  • Amiante (Construction antérieure au 1er juillet 1997) : Presence or not of Asbestos in the Building for buildings constructed before 1997

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