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I wonder if I have to pay charges every month?

Rent and Charges are indeed payable every month, but first and last month are prorated.

The electricity, gas and water bills will get auto deducted from my bank account right?


No, as all our accommodation includes these charges and part of your estimated charges.

Are the electricity/gas and water provisions based on a reasonable estimate of an average household’s consumption?


The electricity/gas and water estimations are based on an average consumption.

We cannot determine in advance how much you will consume (in euros), especially because the energy cost changes regularly with the current crisis.

When do you calculate the charges regularization? Do you calculate it every month?


Regularization is not made each month but after your departure, with readings taken on your arrival and departure, and based on the bills provided by the landlord.

In certain occasions, readings can be done during your rental period, upon the housing association or your landlords request, or when renewing a long term for example.

What is included in the charges? How is it calculated, and can it change?


Depending on the accommodation, your charges may include the following:

  • Electricity

  • Gas

  • Internet

  • Rubbish collecting tax

  • Building charges

  • Water

It also may include:

  • Gardening

  • Cleaning


Estimations are based on landlord’s invoices and an average consumption. As meters are read before you arrive and after you leave, your actual consumption will be calculated and regulated if needed.

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