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Agency Fees

How much are the agency fees? Is this on top of the rent payment?

Our Agency Fees are half of the monthly rent, with a minimum of 350€. This is a one-off payment made when you reserve your property and is apart from your monthly rent and charges.

Regarding the payment of the fees, should I make the payment now or when I am in France?


When you make your initial reservation payment when you reserve your accommodation, you will be asked to pay one month’s rent, one month’s charges, your agency fees and 2 months’ rent for your Security Deposit, mandatory exit cleaning, and the linen package (optional).

As we are only renting for 2 months, would we have to pay an agent fee when going through you?


Our Agency Fees, by French law, are standard for all properties, regardless of how long or short you stay.

If I want to extend my leasing contract, do I have to pay agency fees again?

Yes, the amount will depend of the length of your extension:

  • More than 6 month: 50% of your initial agency fees;

  • Less than 6 month: 25% of your initial agency fees.

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