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Majestic 4 bedroom house, prestigious, elegant and remarkly well-kept room. Traditional French accents and jaw-dropping high ceilings throughout its over 200m². 0 minutes walking distance to INSEAD as it is located immediately infront of INSEAD's campus.


It consists of two large living-rooms (only one at the usage of its tenants). 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.


It's huge garden is a must-see.

The charges include a provision for water, internet, electricity, heating (gas), housekeeping (4 hours per week in common areas) and rubbish collecting tax.

The house comes with vacuum cleaner, cleaning equipment, drying racks, iron, and ironing board.  

For the entire property the monthly rent and charges are 4400€. The security deposit is 8800€ (twice the rent). Agency fees are 2850€.

In order to book this accommodation, a first payment of 16 050€ will be required (one month’s rent and charges, security deposit, agency fees).

*Exit cleaning to be charged

Bedroom 1st floor left: 1100€ monthly RENTED

Bedroom 1st floor right: 1200€ monthly RENTED

Bedroom 2nd floor left: 1050€ monthly RENTED

Bedroom 2nd floor right: 1050€ monthly RENTED